How it works

  • Collect and Analyze patient information

    • Integrates with health systems using HL7/csv/txt format
    • Analyzes patient information for defining severity, caregaps
  • Collect info
  • Collect info
  • Establish careplan

    • Stratifies patient population into cohorts
    • Assigns appropriate careplan template and facilitates approval process
    • Assigns assessments to patient based on condition and severity
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders

    • Alerts patient to take assessment
    • Sends care alerts and guidelines in patient preferred communication mode (SMS/Email/Phone)
    • Securely connects patient, care giver, provider and care manager
    • Provides access to patient profile, careplan, care schedule and assessments
  • Collect info

Manage more patients with less staff

  • Identifies patient care gaps
  • Establishes outreach strategy
  • Executes automated outreach
  • Provides self-service tools to encourage engagement
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