An Innovative Care Coordination Platform

Improve patient engagement

Reduce avoidable hospitalizations

Manage more patients with less staff

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Get your free patient engagement best practice kit!

Get your free patient engagement best practice kit!

Care Planner

Analytics, assessment and care-plan engine

  • Configure assessments and define care plan templates
  • Assign assessments to patients based on patient conditions
  • Establish care plan based on patient needs

Care Reach

Closed Loop Outreach engine

  • Alerts patient to take assessment
  • Sends care alerts and guidelines via patientpreferred communication mode (SMS/Email/Phone)
  • Manages patient notification preferences
  • Provides outreach campaign tools to create custom voice, SMS and email campaigns

Care Navigator

2-way Coordination engine

  • Provides a collaboration portal for each stakeholder ( patient, caregiver, caremanager and provider ) to securely connect with each other
  • Provides patient information (e.g. demographics, biometrics, medications, appointments, careplans, assessments) to all stakeholders in a consistent manner on need basis
  • Delivers care guidelines to patients and care givers
  • Improves patient engagement by delivering timely alerts and notifications
  • Collects patient submitted data (e.g. biometrics – BP,HBA1C, medications, documents)

Get your free patient engagement best practice kit!

Americans who don’t follow treatment plans given by their doctors exactly as prescribed
Americans feel they would be more likely to follow their prescribed treatment plans if they received encouragement and coaching from their doctors between visits
Providers who say they don’t communicate with patients between visits
Reduction in hospital admissions with patient engagement